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The Launch of the new Gel Hammock was a huge success!!  Check out this great new product to hold your gels, bars, gummy chews, waffles, cell phone or any other item that you want to place in the Gel Hammock.  It is the perfect companion to ANY aero hydration system.  Get rid of that old bag on your top tube and go to the latest invention in aero nutrition.  Have all your nutrition right infront of your eyes, not out of your sight. 

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Our new product - the AERO HAMMOCK™ DELUXE has taken the aero hydration world by storm!!!  You asked for this change to the original hammock and we were happy to provide it for you.   Your feedback and support have been overwhelming.  for those new to the Aero Hammock world, the Deluxe has the same great features of the original Aero Hammock, but we've added a clear plastic pouch on the front perfect for a gel, your cue-sheet, your workout, photos, your race montra, notes from your coach or many other items.  We've received numerous requests from our loyal customers and fans about wanting this added to the original, so here it is.  As expected, people loved it.




We've had some great exposure and Professional Triathlete Matty Reed stated the Aero Hammock      was a "great concept as he was looking for someplace to store his remote while cycling indoors."       We met again at Eagleman and he said he loves it and uses it indoors all the time.

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